alex-brisbey-fGIERvYOxJ0-unsplashMichigan’s new regulations on cannabis business licenses changed the fees associated with cannabis business applications and added fee reductions for cities and individuals impacted by the war on drugs.

Potential cannabis business owners, who have lived for the past five years in 19 specific cities and have a cannabis conviction on their record, are now eligible to apply for a cannabis business license with the application fee reduced by 25%. An additional fee reduction of 25% is available for applicants with a cannabis conviction. Another 10% reduction in the application fee can be claimed if the applicant is or was a registered caregiver for at least two years between the years of 2008 and 2017 and received a cannabis-related conviction. Individuals who are eligible for all reductions can receive 60% off of the total cannabis business application fee.

The program responsible for the fee reductions, which is defined as a social equity program, was included in the legislation that legalized adult-use cannabis within the state of Michigan. A requirement of the language within the social equity program is that regulators positively impact areas of Michigan that received the biggest negative impact associated with the war on drugs. All 19 cities were determined to meet the qualifications for a reduction in fees by a cannabis regulatory agency who reviewed each city’s poverty rate alongside the amount of cannabis convictions.

Andrew Brisbo, Executive Director of the Marijuana Regulatory Agency, wrote: “[The social equity program] will lead the nation.”

Regulators have promised to appear for multiple educational sessions in the 19 cities that are eligible for reduced fees.