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Mexico is Set to Legalize Marijuana by October 2020Mexico is Set to Legalize Marijuana by October 2020

The policy on recreational cannabis in the country of Mexico has progressed to a point where it must act. Mexico’s Supreme Court system imposed an October 2020 deadline on the implementation of a recreational cannabis framework last year. The Supreme Court ruled against the prohibition of cannabis usage for personal use and deemed that the ban on personal use cannabis is unconstitutional. Mexico could see a start to recreational cannabis sales to its population of more than 192 million individuals sometime in late 2020.

A public consultation period the recreational cannabis ended and, according to Senator Ricardo Monreal, the public is widely in support of it. Senator Monreal also went on to say that the government has almost finished a reform bill that will be enacted without delay upon completion. This bill, if imposed at the end of this month, would place the ruling party of Mexico well within the deadline imposed by the Supreme Court.

“We’re thinking that we’ll bring the law out, approve it, at the end of October. That’s the schedule we have,” said Senator Ricardo Monreal

Mexico’s current state on the framework of recreational cannabis legalization is whether or not to have an entirely state-controlled system or a public one run by separate corporate entities. The latter option would be similar to the cannabis market system in Canada. Companies in Canada are allowed to apply for licenses in any part of the cannabis system, such as cultivation and production. Many in Mexico have called for end-to-end regulation by the federal government that would cover cultivation, supply, and sales. Senator Monreal, head of the MORENA party, wants an independent body to take control of recreational cannabis, not the state.


Mexico is Set to Legalize Marijuana by October 2020

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