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Mexico Delivers Cannabis Legalization Bill Before Supreme Court Deadline

Mexican committees released the finalized bill to legalize cannabis after multiple committees remained in a permanent session in order to complete the bill. It was ruled last year by the Supreme Court that legislators would have to complete and finalize a bill for cannabis legalization before the end of October. The Supreme Court decided and declared that the prohibition of cannabis for personal use is unconstitutional and that the process to implement a framework should be completed before the end of this month. A formal vote on the completed piece of cannabis legalization legislation is expected to be gathered in the next few days and sent onto the Senate floor. It is reported that party leaders believe that the vote on the bill could occur sometime before the end of the month.

Key provisions of the bill include the legal sale and possession of cannabis to and by adults who are at least 18 years old. Those who are 18 years old or older can possess up to four plants for personal use cultivation purposes. The bill also dictates that a newly formed body independent from the state, the “Cannabis Institute”, will be created and tasked with the issuance of licenses, setting potency limits, ensuring implementation of the law, and more responsibilities. The priority of low-income individuals, small farmers, and people of indigenous descent will revive license priority under the bill. Restrictions defined on cannabis packaging involve a standard of containers that do not explicitly reveal its contents and it displays no depictions or testimonials of people, real or fictional.

Other key provisions of the bill include a restriction of cannabis consumption to private spaces, the restriction of infused beverage and edible purchases to only medical cannabis patients, forfeiture of unregistered seeds or plants, and the requirement that cannabis must be grown pesticide free.

“It will undoubtedly be a great discussion with the elements we have and also with all the willingness to incorporate the opinions of legislators, but it would come out this month, there are the conditions for that to be,” said Senator Menchaca Salazar.

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Mexico Delivers Cannabis Legalization Bill Before Supreme Court Deadline

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