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The Iowa Department of Public Health plans to give MedPharm Iowa the first license to manufacture medical cannabidiol in their state.

The newly formed Iowa-based company will get its intellectual property from MedPharm Colorado. The Iowa company is owned by Dr. Chris Nelson, President and CEO of Kemin Industries, a global ingredient company headquartered in Des Moines.

Nelson said the company plans to serve those dealing with chronic pain, cancer, debilitating diseases and possibly help alleviate the opioid epidemic in Iowa.

“I believe botanicals, including the cannabis plant, offer endless possibilities”, said Dr. Nelson.

MedPharm Iowa will contract with Kemin for services, and build a cultivation facility on the Kemin campus in Des Moines. It expects to invest millions of dollars into Iowa. 

According to Iowa law, MedPharm Iowa must start supplying medical cannabidiol by December 1, 2018. 

Kemin Industries, a global company, is over half a century old.

Source MedPharm press release