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Demand for medical cannabis certification is so strong in Florida, the number of patients certified since June nearly doubled the previous 3 years’ total, from 16,760 to 31,000, reported the Miami Herald recently. Growth could be faster, but the state’s certification program is overwhelmed, talking up to 4 weeks to issue certifications.

Demand increased this summer following passage of a law that expanded the number of maladies qualifying for a cannabis treatment. Despite the delays, patients are getting licenses, the Herald reported.    

There are currently 12 licensed medical cannabis growers in the entire state. But only one in South Florida—Modern Health Concepts.

According to the Herald, the Florida Office of Medical Marihuana has a staff of 12 and may grow the staff to 55.  But it does not think its certification program is sustainable long-term and is looking to outsource the process.

There are currently 1005 doctors trained to recommend cannabis as a treatment. The training used to require an 8-hour seminar, but that has been reduced to a 2-hour seminar to try to reduce part of the backlog in the system.

Source: The Miami Herald