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Maryland University Hosts First Medical Cannabis Graduate Program

Maryland University Hosts First Medical Cannabis Graduate Program

The first ever medical cannabis graduate program of its kind can be found at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. The university’s first medical cannabis graduate program, and the first graduate program of its kind, is called the Master of Science in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics. No other university has ever gone as far as to offer an entire master’s degree for cannabis sciences. Universities will offer individual classes that cover aspects of cannabis and the medical industry and two institutions have offered undergraduate degrees in medicinal plant chemistry.

Staci Gruber, pharmacist and teacher at Harvard Medical School, stated: “I know some say, ‘Oh, it’s just a moneymaker for the institution,’ but it’s because people are asking for it. People are interested in learning more and knowing more, so [Maryland’s program] underscores the need to have more data.”

There is a challenge with the course at Maryland University – The fact that cannabis, even medical cannabis, is still illegal under federal law. This clash with federal and state laws and been a longtime issue with cannabis in every state with a legalized medical or recreational cannabis program.

However, despite the fact that states have to clash with federal laws, for now, it is a bet that is believed to pay off in the long run. Summer Krieghauser, one out of 150 students in the inaugural medical cannabis science class, believes that the bet she took will pay off. Krieghauser has a job at a medical cannabis dispensary and will now use the new medical cannabis sciences master’s degree, her second master’s degree, to continue into the cannabis industry.

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Maryland University Hosts First Medical Cannabis Graduate Program

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