The market for cannabis-infused beverages is set to gain more attention as the well-known Bob Marley branded cannabidiol (CBD) drinks named ‘Marley’ increases in popularity.

Marley CBD-infused beverages have 25 milligrams of CBD in each can and come in an assortment of different natural flavors. Flavors of Marley CBD beverages include Herbal Honey, Lemon Raspberry, and Peach Raspberry at a price of $5 to $6 per 15.5oz can.

Creative Artists Agency, on behalf of the Marley family, stated: “We believe CBD and the Bob Marley platform are a match made in heaven. With the combination and resources of our family, New Age, and Docklight Brands we bring together a team to make the Marley+CBD brand a true leader in this wide-open new category of CBD-infused beverages.”

Chief Executive Officer of New Age Beverages, Brent Willis, stated about Marley CBD beverages that: “[it gave a] relaxed or chilled out feeling [to drinkers],” and that “You drink it and you don’t worry, be happy, everything is going to be alright, man,”

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