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Magic mushrooms, also referred to as shrooms, have received a lot of criticism in the past. Fortunately, the clouds of uncertainty have been waved off, especially after many researchers have backed magic mushrooms. But are magic mushrooms really the next best health supplement?

From helping treat depression to stopping alcohol addiction, researchers see a lot of potential in magic mushrooms.

Despite being around 100 times less potent than LSD, magic mushrooms are capable of leaving you in a state of euphoria and some untold mystical experiences. Unlike cannabis or CBD, magic mushrooms did not grab much attention initially, but now it’s dominating the headlines.

If you are unaware of its uses, here are some potential benefits of shrooms for your body. Let’s explore how magic mushrooms could be the nest best health supplement:

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Magic Mushrooms for Depression

This neurological disorder tops the list of magic mushroom’s potential. Many researchers backed the use of psilocybin therapy to treat depression in the past years. Even research reveals that psilocybin therapy was referred to as “breakthrough therapy by the Food and Drug Administration.

Magic Mushrooms for Anxiety

After witnessing a positive impact on the human body, researchers ran a shroom trial on anxiety to see if it works or not. To this, the results were found out to be positive and progressive. This gave millions of people the confidence to use it for treating anxiety to a considerable extent. With this, several online platforms like mykush and others became the preferred mediums. This proves buying such concentrated components online isn’t a major hassle now. All you need is to surf through the exact product description, and you are done.

Magic Mushrooms for Smoking and other of Addictions

A small segment of the Pilot Study by Johns Hopkins University found that psilocybin therapy can improve abstaining from alcohol and smoking addiction. One can see progressive results over 12 months. Furthermore, Matthew Johnson, Ph.D., (an associate professor of behavioral studies and psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University) supports the study.

Johnson says, “The general idea is that the nature of these disorders is a narrowed mental and behavioral repertoire.”

He added, “So, [psilocybin] in well-orchestrated sessions [has] the ability to essentially shake someone out of their routine to give a glimpse of a larger picture and create a mental plasticity with which people can step outside of those problems.”

Magic Mushrooms and Cancer Symptoms

Dr. Charles Grob, A professor of psychiatry at the UCLA David Geffen School, supported this benefit and said, “There’ve been some promising preliminary results in such areas such as the treatment of overwhelming existential anxiety in people who are facing the end of life, who have diagnoses of advanced-stage cancer,”

Bottom Line: Are Magic Mushrooms the Next Best Health Supplement?

Magic mushrooms hold a lot of physical and mental health potential but only when you have the perspective to evaluate and use it. Shrooms come with a certain amount of concentrates; therefore, it’s wise to analyze the right amount that suits your body type. If you don’t have any idea about it, consider discussing it with an expert or practitioner.

Magic Mushrooms: The Next Best Health Supplement?

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