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As the legal cannabis industry grows and matures, more high-end products are coming onto the market all the time. These products are aimed at more than simply utilitarian function, bringing an element of distinction, luxury, and class to the cannabis accessories market. One such product is Cannador, a line of beautifully designed, highly functional storage boxes for cannabis flower.


The Cannador is obviously inspired by classic cigar humidor storage boxes, with a classy, elegant design and high quality materials. But don’t assume you can simply repurpose an old cigar humidor to get all the benefits of a Cannador. Traditional cigar humidors provide a level of relative humidity that is too high for proper cannabis storage, and are often lined with cedar wood, which can influence the flavor of cannabis. The Cannador is designed specifically for cannabis storage, and has many features intended to create the best possible storage environment for cannabis flower.


The Cannador comes in several different sizes, accommodating up 6 different strains in a single box. Depending on the size selected, each Cannador comes with 2, 4, or 6 1/4 ounce glass cups with adjustable ventilated lids. Humidification is accomplished using the VaporBeads system, a pack of medical grade silica beads that can be recharged every 2-3 weeks with distilled water. The VaporBeads maintain a precise relative humidity range within the airtight Cannador box, by absorbing or releasing humidity as needed. Each Cannador box is lined with solid mahogany, which aids in humidity control and has a neutral aromatic profile that won’t influence the smell or flavor of your cannabis strains.


While the Cannador is certainly a classy way to store your flower, it is far more than just a showpiece. The importance of proper storage conditions for cannabis cannot be overstated, and every aspect of the Cannador is designed to preserve the freshness, potency, and flavor of your buds. Exposure to light and improper relative humidity are enemies of stored cannabis. These factors can cause the degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes, reducing the potency and muting the unique flavors and effects of strains.


While protecting buds from light exposure is obviously achieved by the solid wood construction of the Cannador, the issue of humidity is more complex. Too little humidity can cause buds to dry out, leading to a harsher smoke, creating brittle trichomes that fall off the bud, and causing volatile terpenes to degrade and evaporate. Too much humidity can promote the growth of mold, ruining buds outright. The Cannador’s combination of airtight construction, mahogany lining, and the VaporBeads system create an environment with relative humidity between 55% and 65%, the perfect range to preserve the quality of cannabis indefinitely.


For those wanting to take their control of cannabis storage conditions to an even greater level, Cannador offers the BluStream Hygrometer system. The BluStream is a small, battery powered hygrometer that constantly measures the humidity inside the Cannador, and connects via bluetooth to an iOS or Android smartphone app. The app provides real time monitoring of humidity and temperature, and can send alerts when either value moves outside the specified range.


Gone are the days of plastic baggies and sketchy little stash boxes. If you are spending top dollar to buy top shelf cannabis, it only makes sense to store your buds right. The Cannador is a brilliant storage solution for the serious cannabis connoisseur. And you can feel good about buying from them, as Cannador has pledged to plant one tree for every Cannador sold.

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