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Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (OTCQX: LHSIF) announced on November 21st that the company will open five new dispensary locations in Florida by the end of 2018. The Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Health Sciences, George Scorsis, stated, “Liberty is now expanding exponentially and has become a formidable player in the Florida market.” The CEO of Liberty Health added that the customer experience is still in the forefront of all the company’s decisions while it continues its goal of expansion.

The two new dispensaries that will open by November’s end are located in Miami and Dania Beach. Three dispensaries in Hollywood, Bonita Springs, and Orange Park will open by the end of this year. All of the new locations will offer free 24-hour delivery to customers and patients within the service area of the dispensary. Each dispensary owned by Liberty Health also doubles as an education center with educational tools and private consultations to ensure that the consumer or patient has the best experience with Liberty Health cannabis products.

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