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Leafly Names Former Amazon Prime Video International Vice President Tim Leslie as CEO

Leafly, a cannabis consumer insight website that provides cannabis patients and users with a wealth of knowledge on strains, has announced the addition of Tim Leslie as Chief Executive Officer. Tim has over 20 years of prior experience and work history at Amazon that he will apply now from within the cannabis sector at the helm of Leafly.

CEO of Leafly, Tim Leslie, stated: “The health of the business is stronger than ever before. That’s a testament to the strength of the brand, the talent of the team and the utility of the platform. I believe cannabis prohibition is wrong and legalization is inevitable. As laws and attitudes towards cannabis change around the world, people have a lot of questions. Leafly has the answers.”

Tim continued to say that he will reinforce the company’s reputation of “being the most trusted and authoritative source for information about cannabis and helping customers find the right products for them” and to continue to provide “experiences [that] customer love while also empowering cannabis businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers” as well as “scaling the Leafly platform in the U.S. and internationally as more states and countries legalize”.

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Leafly Names Former Amazon Prime Video International Vice President Tim Leslie as CEO