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Las Vegas has some hurdles for tourists and natives who want to celebrate Halloween Vegas-style with all it has to offer, which includes recreational cannabis for adults over 21 years of age. The main hurdle that stops most people is the fact that cannabis is legal to purchase, but is illegal to consume in public. This decision to make cannabis still illegal in public places is unlike the Ontario government’s take on the legalization of recreational cannabis wherein it legalized public consumption of cannabis wherever tobacco smoking is allowed.

A haunted hotel in Las Vegas, Artisan Hotel Boutique, stands apart from places with a reputation of “being 420-friendly” with guests who consume cannabis reasonably. The hotel is located within walking distance of the Las Vegas Strip and is a gothic themed resort that only serves adult guests. The 2nd Annual Cocktail City’s Haunted Hotel Party will begin on Halloween within the entire hotel’s property. Live music will be featured on a poolside stage and for one hour between 10 to 11p.m. complementary drinks will be served.

For those who don’t want to party to enjoy Halloween and cannabis, The+Source dispensary in Las Vegas has the answer. The dispensary began a costume contest with discount prizes on October 19th that ends on the 31st. Interested Participants must wear their costume to the dispensary in Las Vegas and get a photo taken by Polaroid camera to enter. Prizes include discounted 8 Fold, dried flower, concentrates, and disposable pen products. Rewards members of The+Source should also take notice that a wide variety of cannabis products are on a “13 Days of Fear” sale that is exclusive to them.