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Largest New Jersey Cannabis Trade Group Holds Networking EventLargest New Jersey Cannabis Trade Group Holds Networking Event

New Jersey’s largest cannabis trade group, the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association, is holding a cannabis industry networking event this Wednesday. The event will be held at Villa Borguese III (VB3) at 475 Washington Avenue in Jersey City. A review of the current point of cannabis in the news will be presented by the trade group’s president and the current outlook of upcoming legalization ballots in numerous states. The cannabis industry networking event tickets start at $35 for certain levels of NJCBA members, $35 for NJCI guests, and $45 for non-members.

Scott Rudder, President of the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association, stated: “This is our year. This is the year where ending cannabis prohibition is now in our hands. This is the year where each of us will be part of making a historic change and help right the wrongs of the past,”

The NJCBA works all throughout every year to promote cannabis industry job growth in the state of New Jersey.

Another networking cannabis industry event is the semi-annual NJ Cannabis Insider Live (NJCIL). This year’s usual NJCIL will take place on March 10th and lasts for a full day. The cannabis conference event starts at 10:30am and ends at 5:00pm. Over a dozen speakers will be at the conference and will present a keynote speech within their specific panel. General admission to the cannabis conference starts at $185 per ticket. A multiple order promo is available when purchasing four tickets, purchase four tickets, and the 5th ticket comes for free.

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