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Kali-Extracts Announces $9 Billion in Cannabis-based Epilepsy Treatment

Kali-Extracts, Inc.Kali-Extracts Announces $9 Billion in Cannabis-based Epilepsy Treatment (Kali, Inc. dba/Kali-Extracts, Inc.) (USOTC: KALY) (“KALY”) just announced that it has started research and development for a cannabis-based epilepsy treatment. This is in addition to its current research efforts into developing treatments for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Type 2 Diabetes, and Cancer Pain Management.

With treatment costs projected into the billions of dollars for these four medical conditions, the company is hoping to get a healthy return on investment. The market for Type 2 Diabetes is expected to be a $64 billion market by 2026 while COPD treatment can reach $14 billion by 2025. The overall pain management treatment market can reach $83 billion by 2024 and epilepsy treatments can cost $9 billion by 2022.

In addition to its research and development into cannabis-based treatments, the company offers its patented cannabis extraction process for delivering proprietary extracts for infusion into non-pharmaceutical commercial products.


KALY announced last week finalizing it’s all new 25 mg CBD Extract formulation for beverage infusion. KALY’s patented extraction process already produces a 10 mg CBD formulation for Puration, Inc.’s (USOTC: PURA) (“PURA”) leading EVERx CBD Sports Water. KALY has also recently announced plans to provide commercial extraction for Nouveau, Inc. (USOTC: NOUV) (“NOUV”) in conjunction with NOUV’s recently announced 100-acre hemp farm

Kali, Inc. is a health and wellness company set to generate revenue via licensing its patented cannabis extraction technology to multiple companies in the wellness and pharmaceutical industries. With promising preclinical data along with development and various commercial agreements behind it, Kali, Inc. seeks to commercialize its unique and valuable IP targeting multi-billion-dollar markets.

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Kali-Extracts Announces $9 Billion in Cannabis-based Epilepsy Treatment