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Isodiol to Research Effects of CBD on Athletes

VancouverIsodiol to Research Effects of CBD on Athletes, BC-based global hemp-based CBD firm Isodiol International (CSE: ISOL) (OTC: ISOLD) announced that its subsidiary Iso-Sport will partner with Altis LLCan Arizona-based athletic performance firm, to create the “Iso-Sport Living Lab” to investigate the impact of CBD on athlete health and performance.

Altis provides an environment to support elite athletes via coaching, integrated support services, and education. It serves over 100 athletes and Olympians from 30 different countries. Altis offers an education program for coaches and athletes, nurturing professionalism and growth that aids their careers.


Altis will focus on R&D of CBD products for performance, recovery, and sleep by:

  1. Designing an area dedicated to sports science named the “Iso-Sport Living Lab”;
  2. Producing at least one research study per year on the impact of CBD on athlete health and performance;
  3. Publishing one or more articles on the Altis website on the benefits of CBD on athlete health and performance;
  4. Distributing and selling Iso-Sport CBD products through its retail and wholesale distribution channels.

“With the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) removal of cannabidiol (CBD) from their List of Prohibited Substances and Methods in January 2018, Isodiol and Iso-Sport are positioned to capitalize on opportunities with athletes,” said Isodiol CEO, Marcos Agramont.

“…we aim to generate new scientific data and knowledge by exploring, experimenting, and evaluating new ideas within the natural sporting ecosystem…,” said Altis CEO, Stuart McMillan.

Isodiol will make an initial payment to Altis of US$225,000 and supply Iso-Sport products to Altis athletes. Isodiol will make annual payments to Altis of US$125,000, based on milestones.

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Source Isodiol press release

Isodiol to Research Effects of CBD on Athletes