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Vancouver-based Isidiol International (CSEISOL) (OTCISOLF) a leading producer of pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids, announced that Be Tru Organics, a company it recently agreed to buy, has signed a distribution agreement with United Natural Foods Inc (UNFI), a large wholesale distributor of grocery, produce, health, beauty and bakery products to the natural and organic industry in the US and Canada.


Isidiol stock traded at CAD $1.10 midday today, about 21 times sales and book value.

The company generated about $13 mil in revenue during the last 12 months.


Isidiol announced in early December 2017, that it agreed to buy 100% of Be Trū Organics for $2 million USD in stock. Be Trū sells proprietary hemp extract products, including topicals, oral sprays and edibles, under the Be Trū, Canatrū, and Cebatrū brands.


Isidiol is a leader in pharma-grade phytochemical compounds and phytoceutical consumer products. It sells 99%+ pure, bioactive cannabinoids, micro-encapsulations, and nanotechnology for consumable and topical skin care products.


It is expanding its phytoceutical portfolio, and expanding into Latin America, Asia and Europe.


Source Isidiol press release