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Illinois Women in Cannabis Networking Event Series Starts Tonight

Illinois Women in Cannabis Networking Event Series Starts TonightAn organization called Illinois Women in Cannabis has a networking event series for women to create connections and further themselves or enter into the cannabis field. The networking event starts at 6pm today, September 30th, and only comes with a ticket cost of $10. Bent River Brewing Company located in Rock Island, Illinois is the host of tonight’s Women in Cannabis networking event. Event organizers from Women in Cannabis have stressed the importance of female involvement in the cannabis industry with recreational legalization around the corner. The state of Illinois passed legal adult-use recreational cannabis earlier this year and will see the law go into effect on January 1st of 2020.

Reneé Applebey, Cannabis coach at Star Flower Clinic and member of Illinois Women in Cannabis, stated: “So both industries, recreational and medical, are really surrounded around healing. Recreational, we look at it as more of an over the counter cannabis. And we think women are natural healers. So it’s only right for them to get into the industry that’s focused around health and healing.”

The networking event held by Women in Cannabis tonight won’t be just the only one of its kind. Women in Cannabis has a plethora of networking events scheduled as part of a series that takes place throughout the state of Illinois. The next Women in Cannabis event will be in Effingham, Illinois on October 1st. Four more networking events will take place after October 1st with the last event taking place in Macomb, Illinois.

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Illinois Women in Cannabis Networking Event Series Starts Tonight