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Houston Academy of Cannabis Science Begins Cultivation Classes

Houston Academy of Cannabis Science Begins Cultivation ClassesThe Houston Academy of Cannabis Science will begin to host its five-week seminar on medical cannabis cultivation and the history behind cannabis this weekend.

The classes will provide insight and opportunity from cannabis industry professionals for local entrepreneurs in Houston who hope to gain an advantage within the cannabis industry. Saturday’s first class covers all the aspects of cannabis and hemp history, federal and state laws for medical cannabis practices, starting a cannabis business, and cannabis investments.


Academy of Cannabis’ 35 days of classes, within Pharmacology University, comes at a high price with a ticket cost of $420 per person. Organizers reported that only about 15 out of the 50 of the tickets were available on Tuesday morning of this week. Classes will begin only days after bills to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis were submitted to the 86th legislative session that began on Tuesday.

The academy’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Leavery Davidson, mentioned medical cannabis’ progress within the U.S. through the passage of the farm bill that effectively reclassified hemp as an “agricultural commodity”. “As CBD stores and other things are opening up, people will be able to have more networking opportunities for jobs,” said Dr. Davidson.

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Houston Academy of Cannabis Science Begins Cultivation Classes