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Similar to the Jeff Bezos moonshot yesterday, Hemp Stock HMPQ Soars 123% . This little-known hemp stock, HempAmericana Inc. (HMPQ) was ranked #2 by CanninBot on Monday. How did CanninBot identify this opportunity the day before this 23% surge for HMPQ?

On Monday, CanninBot discovered a profitable trade opportunity with HMPQ – HempAmericana, Inc. Tuesday evening, the stock achieved a mind-blowing 123.53% return in 1 day! But – How Did CanninBot Know?

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Hemp Stock HMPQ Soars 123%

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What is CanninBot and How did it Identify this Opportunity?

CanninBot uses machine learning to evaluate 450 cannabis stocks based on the 10 best technical indicators. You’ll receive daily alerts with a ranking for the 20 strongest stocks, for that specific day, allowing you the best opportunity to make serious potential gains.

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What is HempAmericana, Inc?

HempAmericana, Inc (HMPQ) was founded six years ago by Viet Nam Era Veteran Salvador Rosillo, an Artillery Surveyor Forward Observer. Mr. Rosillo’s vision was to create a company dedicated to producing the highest quality hemp products. Today, HempAmericana produces full spectrum CBD oils with nothing taken out and nothing added during the manufacturing process to ensure that our customers receive the maximum benefit from taking our CBD.

The Company’s 17,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Augusta Maine is home to one of Vitalis’s first CO2 massive extractors. The facility took two years to complete and was literally built from the ground up. The goal of each piece of equipment the Company acquired from extraction to bottling had quality in mind at every step.
HMPQ’s supersized supercritical CO2 extraction system, centrifugal partition chromatography refinement technology, and mechanized fully-automated CBD bottling system allows the company to continue to grow and places us in a position to process CBD for others too.

Currently the Company’s CBD oil business uses the brand designation, “CBD Oleum” – 100% made and manufactured in the USA.

Market Opportunity for HempAmericana

The global cannabidiol market size was valued at USD 2.8 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.2% from 2021 to 2028. Due to its healing properties, the demand for cannabidiol (CBD) for health and wellness purposes is high, which is the major factor driving the market growth. In addition, the rising acceptance and use of products due to government approvals is a major factor expected to boost production for CBD-infused products.

Hemp Stock HMPQ Soars 123%

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Out of all cannabinoids, cannabidiol is most widely used for therapeutic reasons due to the lack of psychoactive effects. In many medical applications, cannabidiol oil is used, such as anxiety and depression treatment, stress relief, diabetes prevention, pain relief, cancer symptom relief, and inflammation. Due to the increasing adoption of CBD-based products to treat ailments, the global cannabidiol market is anticipated to grow at a lucrative rate over the forecast period.

Increasing awareness of cannabidiol’s therapeutic benefits has influenced a buyer to buy cannabidiol products, regardless of their cost. As these have a greater profit margin, commercial retailers are now focusing on selling cannabis-based products. Numerous health and wellness retailers are offering CBD-based products, such as Rite Aid, CVS Health, and Walgreens Boots Alliance. In addition, CVS Health decides to offer CBD topicals all over its 800 stores and Walgreens Boots Alliance is selling CBD-containing topicals across 1500 of its stores in the U.S.

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However, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented lockdowns all around the world, collapsing daily operations and changing consumer behaviors in nearly every industry. As the response to COVID-19 ramps up, retail stores have shut down. The market started experiencing a shortage in supply due to the nationwide shutdown of transportation and manufacturing in major raw material manufacturing countries, such as China and India. In addition, due to supply chain disruptions in the U.S., the supply of other raw materials has been limited, which is disrupting the manufacturing, and in turn, the supply chain of CBD consumer health products.

What Other Trading Opportunities Has CanninBot Identified this Week?

On Wednesday, CanninBot discovered a profitable trade opportunity with Vancouver-based Core One Labs (CLABD) when it was trading at only $2.00/share. Last night, the stock was valued at $4.99/share for a mind-blowing 149.5% return in 5 days!

Little-Known Biotech Stock Up 149%

Who are the Experts Behind

Since 2017, Cannin has been on a mission to help our members profit from investing in cannabis stocks. Cannin’s global team of analysts, software engineers, and industry veterans provide the tools and information to capitalize on this rapidly growing industry.

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Hemp Stock HMPQ Soars 123%

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