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Recreational Hemp Stocks Vs. Medicinal Marijuana Stocks: What’s the Difference? The cannabis industry is mainly divided into two profitable markets – recreational and medicinal marijuana. As their name suggests, these markets have advantages in different sectors and serve a diverse customer base. For instance, recreational hemp companies don’t always produce hemp to assist consumers in dealing with a health issue. However, medicinal marijuana companies mainly focus on research and development (R&D) or numerous health conditions. Depending on an investor’s risk appetite, stocks in both markets are great investment options because they give shareholders an exceptional growth opportunity. Below you will find out how these two rising markets differ and how an investor can profit from each of them. 

Best Hemp Stocks 2021

Recreational Hemp Stocks

Without a doubt, recreational cannabis serves a vast group of consumers. It means a potentially profitable market for these kinds of marijuana stocks and an extraordinary chance of growth for businesses involved in this particular sector. 

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Recreational marijuana has multiple applications for consumers with various products—for instance, marijuana-infused edibles, drinks, strains, and even topicals. Anyone living a stressful life due to work or personal reasons would not hesitate to seek relief from consuming recreational hemp as a strain. However, to find the right strain for you, all you need to tell about your requirements to a budtender. And they can fix you with the most helpful strain for you that will help you feel more calm and composed. 

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Similar to the medical marijuana market, several stocks are available in the cannabis sector to invest in. One of the fastest-growing companies involved in recreational hemp is Canada’s Canopy Growth (CGC). On the eve of Dec. 8, 2020, the stock price closed at almost $29 with a market capitalization of $10,729 billion. Moreover, CGC reported $399 million in total annual revenue for 2020. In comparison to $226 million in the previous year. 

Medicinal Marijuana Stocks

Medicinal marijuana is a medicine prescribed by a doctor to improve a patient’s symptoms and health conditions. This means a person can only get access to medicinal marijuana if they have a prescription from their doctor. Consequently, medicinal marijuana is now used to treat various mental health conditions, Alzheimer’s, many different forms of cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and nausea.

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The industry is rapidly growing since California legalized marijuana for the first time in 1996. However, the basic rules of finding a marijuana stock are almost similar to those for the pharmaceutical industry, which means investors should focus on a company’s research. Because cannabis research is relatively new and constantly growing, the chances are the payback for shareholders in the industry will be better compared to recreational hemp stocks.

Hemp Stocks

Hemp Stocks Vs. Marijuana Stocks: What’s the Difference?

Companies and shareholders are equally excited about the growth of the cannabis market. Once on the edge of the financial world, marijuana companies are gaining more traction than ever before, with dominant companies jumping on the cannabis bandwagon. 

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Therefore, for a rational investor, marijuana stocks provide you with significant opportunities. Depending on your investing style and goals, you can choose to invest in recreational hemp stocks or medicinal marijuana stocks. But in both cases, the chances are you will experience constant profits, especially in the long run. 

Hemp Stocks Vs. Marijuana Stocks: What’s the Difference?

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