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The CanninBot algorithm is on fire and continues to recognize significant trade opportunities in cannabis and hemp stocks.The latest opportunity was with this lesser-known hemp stock, Naturally Splendid Enterprises, Inc. (NSP) which surges 25% this week.

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This week, CanninBot discovered a profitable trade opportunity with Canadian-based Naturally Splendid Enterprises, Inc. At market close on Friday, this hemp stock was valued at $0.05/share for a healthy 25% return in a single day.

Hemp Stocks: Naturally Splendid Surges 25%

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What is Naturally Splendid and Why did this Hemp Stock Surge 25%?

Naturally Splendid was formed in 2010 with a strategy to take hemp nutrition more mainstream as a consumer product. This amazing superfood has a fantastic nutritional profile of protein, omegas and micro-nutrients.

In 2013 Naturally Splendid began test marketing various versions of our own branded hemp products in Vancouver. The brand has evolved into NATERA Hemp Foods and since 2013 has been sold across Canada & Australia and into the USA and Germany.

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In 2015 Naturally Splendid acquired CHII Hemp Food. CHII is one of Canada’s original hemp food companies having been formed in 1998 and remains aligned with our vision of plant-based nutrition.

In late 2015 Naturally Splendid lead the Canadian charge into South Korea, exporting over 1.25 Million pounds of hempseed in 2016.

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In 2016 Naturally Splendid acquired 100% of Prosnack Natural Foods, a nutritious bar producer located in BC Canada, that specialized in manufacturing plant-based bars.

Prosnack operates a Safe Quality Food (SQF) manufacturing facility in Pitt Meadows BC., producing plant-based bars and bites for Naturally Splendid brands, as well as provides contract manufacturing services to multiple regional, national and international clients who are also focused on delivering plant-based nutrition.

Naturally Splendid pursued a Processor License in 2017, which would have allowed the Company to manufacture cannabidiol (CBD) fortified bars and bites. It fit their product strategy at the time as we considered CBD as just another plant-based ingredient.  However, regulations in Canada and abroad did not evolve as the industry was expecting. As a result, this project is suspended indefinitely allowing the company to focus resources on the much larger market of plant-based nutrition.

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In February 2020 Naturally Splendid launched ProCurc 30 under the NATERA Sport banner. ProCurc 30 is a plant based anti-inflammatory supplement, using a Biologic Pharmamedical patented technology to extract curcuminoids from curcumin.

ProCurc 30 has proven so effective that recently, Naturally Splendid entered into a joint venture named Plasm Pharmaceutical with Biologic Pharmamedical, to conduct a Health Canada approved phase 2 clinical trial as a potential treatment for COVID-19 using the target JV owned drug CavaltinibTM. CavaltinibTM is an amplified variant of the ProCurc 30 product. In other words, medicine from a plant.

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Hemp Stocks: Naturally Splendid Surges 25%

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Hemp Stocks: Naturally Splendid Surges 25%