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Hawaii Senate Approves Medical Cannabis-Infused Edibles

The state senate of Hawaii approved a bill that allows the sale of medical cannabis-infused edibles. Preliminary approval was given to the bill in and will now advance to the state Legislature. After the bill passes the Legislature, it would still take months until medical cannabis edibles are legally sold in Hawaii. The Department of Health would have to begin to set guidelines on all of the medical cannabis edible product aspects, which would contribute to the time between legalization and the sale of legal medical edibles.

Aspects that the Department of Health would regulate include the dosage amounts, ingredients used, and the requirement of child-proof packaging. The bill does allow for medical cannabis dispensaries to sell medical edibles, only if the required child-resistant packaging is used and if the product is properly labeled. This regulation of cannabis edibles by the Department of Health is not unlike other medical or recreational cannabis states. Amendments were added on Tuesday of this week to allow the Department of Health full rights for preapproval of edibles and the restriction of additives, flavorings, and ingredients.

After the senate granted temporary approval to the medical cannabis edible bill, it was then sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Medical cannabis edibles are not held in favor with the Honolulu Police Department and the state Department of Transportation officials. The opinion held by transportation officials is that the edible medical cannabis products may take some time to activate and lead consumers into a false sense of security before getting behind the wheel.

The bill has backing from the Hawaii Cannabis Industry Association and the association also represents all eight of Hawaii’s medical cannabis dispensaries.


Hawaii Senate Approves Medical Cannabis-Infused Edibles

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