GSRX Industries Inc. (OTCQB: GSRX) just announced that the company has a new agreement with Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum.

Sorum will now work to develop and create a line of CBD products for GSRX’s wholly-owned subsidiary Pure and Natural LLC. The CBD product line that is created by Sorum will be available in forms like balms, energy drink packets, oil tinctures, and vape pens.

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Matt Sorum stated: “This new partnership is something that I am really excited about. As a longtime user and fan of CBD, I can’t wait to introduce my own proprietary line of safe and effective CBD products to people everywhere. And I am really happy to be partnering on In The Zone with longtime friend Christian Briggs and his great team.”

GSRX Executive Chairman, Christian Briggs, stated: “There is no name we would rather have on our new product line than Matt Sorum’s. He knows the power of full-spectrum, non-THC CBD, because he uses it. And as a CBD consumer, Matt also knows what he wants in a CBD product. We believe In The Zone by Matt Sorum will be a welcome addition to the fast-growing, hemp-based, non-THC CBD marketplace.”

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