Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Cancer


HQ: Washington DC
Founded: 1965, as OXIS International, Inc Name change in 2017.
Symbol: GTBP

Focus: Strong
GT Biopharma is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, focused on developing immuno-oncology products from proprietary technology. This is a hot area of medical research that could be very profitable for a company finding an effective product. It has numerous product candidates. It also develops drug candidates for the central nervous system.

Market Cap: $107 million
Enterprise Value: $110 million
# of employees: 5

Markets: Weak
GT does not yet have marketable products, or markets.

Operations: Weak
Production: They do not yet produce or sell any drug for the market.
Distribution: GT does not yet have marketable products. If and when it does, it will distribute in the US first.

Financials: Weak (no revenue yet)

Management: Neutral
CEO: Raymond W. Urbanski
Vice Chair, Pres of Neurology: Kathleen Clarence-Smith
CFO: Steven W. Weldon
Director/ Consultant: Anthony J. Cataldo
VP of Finance: David Cardino

Valuation: Neutral
Current share price: $2.15
Price to Sales: NA  (No revenue)

All cannabis related stocks are risky due to the newness of the market. This company bears extra risk because it does not yet have products or revenue.

Recommendation: Weak
GT Biopharma is sometimes listed as a company doing research in the CBD related area. We do not see mention on their website of their product candidates being derived from CBD. We did find that the CEO, Mr Urbanski, is on the Board of Directors of Damien Marley’s cannabis company, Stony Hill (OTC: STNY). This may be why GT Biopharma is sometimes listed as a company doing CBD related research.