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GrowLife: Will This Hemp Stock Bounce Back in 2020?

GrowLife: Can this Hemp Stock Bounce back in 2020?Hemp stocks have experienced an absolute onslaught of volatility this year and GrowLife (OTC: PHOT) is certainly no exception. GrowLife is a US-based hemp stock that specializes in the cultivation of organics, herbs, and plant-based medicines. In 2020, this hemp stock plummeted 65%. But will this hemp stock bounce back in 2020?

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Strong financials supported by cost-reduction initiatives

GrowLife: Can this Hemp Stock Bounce back in 2020?

For starters, GrowLife’s Q1 financial results have been particularly encouraging. Its net revenue surged 12.8% year-over-year (YoY) to $1.66 million from $1.47 million in the same period last year. The company’s net loss also shrunk to $1.29 million for the first quarter from $2.34 million in Q1 of fiscal 2019.

GrowLife’s cost reduction initiatives led to a savings of $0.77 million in operating expenses which contained the losses of the company.

The hemp stock has been meticulous about achieving operational efficiency and utilized its proprietary growth system which specializes in the vertical growth of indoor plants.  In March, GrowLife completed a proof-of-concept (POC) study on this proprietary technique and targeted to achieve a competitive production cost of $0.50/gram through this.

Providing essential products and services to the cannabis industry amid the recent pandemic also provided support to this and many other hemp stocks.

Upbeat on its new CBD-cloning brand, EZ-CLONEZ

GrowLife: Can this Hemp Stock Bounce back in 2020?

Already an established name in indoor plant cultivation, GrowLife aims to position itself as a leader in cloning hemp plants for extracting CBD. This is a high margin space and the company is making attempts to rapidly expand into this space through its new brand, EZ-CLONEZ. In September last year, the company secured $2.5 million in financing to boost its range of offerings through the sales of its CBD-rich hemp clones.

During the previous week, the hemp stock also added cannabis industry veterans, Lewis Swarts, and Dr. Daniel Harder to its advisory board. GrowLife wants to use its rich expertise in expanding its CBD-rich hemp cloning business. Currently, GrowLife intends to address supply chain issues and deal with the challenges faced by the farmers, while maintaining a scientific outlook on the sector.

Should hemp stock investors remain cautious about GrowLife stock?

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While GrowLife’s growth initiatives are commendable, its cash burn rate is something to be concerned about. Moreover, the current times are truly volatile for the cannabis sector.

Naturally, cannabis stock investors are being cautious despite the underlying growth opportunities for GrowLife. We await the second-quarter results and see how well the company is faring in the CBD cloning space.

We are also eager to watch out for the hemp stock’s efforts to move towards profitability. However, amid the prevailing uncertainty, it is unlikely that the hemp stock will see a major rebound in 2020.

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GrowLife: Will This Hemp Stock Bounce Back in 2020? 

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