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GRN Holding Corp

GRN Holding Corporation

GRN Holding Corporation does not have significant operations. The company intends to pursue mergers and acquisitions. They were until recently involved in the gold exploration and development activities in Africa. The company was formerly known as Discovery Gold Corporation and changed its name to GRN Holding Corporation in September 2019. GRN Holding Corporation was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. 

Is GRNF a strong BUY and HOLD?

GRNF Fundamental Analysis


HQ: Seattle, WA, USA
Founded: 2010
Symbol: GRNF (OTC)

Focus: Weak

GRN Holdings is a shell company historically involved in wireless phones, then exploratory gold mining in Africa, finally is entering the hemp and CBD space in WA and FL. These changes came in 2019 with new management.

Size: Weak

Market Cap: $24.5 mil
Enterprise Value: $24.7 mil
Number of Employees: 1

Markets: Weak

Primary: WA, FL
Secondary: USA 
Subsidiaries, Interests:
Discovery Gold Ghana Limited

Operations: Weak

Cultivation: Has acquired rights to Magic Beans Hemp, LLC in WA, and Sunshine Hemp, Inc. in FL. These companies may give GRN the capabilities to sell and grow hemp seeds in multiple markets.
Current production: None

Direct sales: None. Recent agreements with Soulshine CBD, Inc. may give them products to get into retail storefronts in the future.

Store networks: None

Vertically integrated: No
Horizontally diversified: In progress

Financials: Weak

Revenue (TTM): $0
Shares Outstanding (diluted): 249.8 million
Return on Equity: NA

Management: Weak

CEO: Justin Costello (and President, CFO, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director)

Branding: Weak

GRN has no products and no branding.

Valuation: Weak

Current share price: $0.098
Price to Sales: NA (no sales)
52 week low/high: $0.09-$0.98
EV/EBITDA: -52.36
Price/Book: 203

Financing: Weak

They have zero revenue but also little debt, $236k. They finance all their acquisitions with cash or all-stock deals. 

Risks: High

The risks of investing in this company are extremely high. Proceed with caution.

GRNF Technical Analysis

Should I buy GRNF?

Follow Stephen Goldman as he evaluates GRN Holding Corp (GRNF) using the triple moving average to see death crosses and golden crosses along with the MACD and CCI to see strength or weakness in GRNF.

Remember sound cannabis stock trading strategies include both Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis.

52 week Range -

Bottom Line: Is GRNF Stock a Buy?

Recommendation: Weak

GRNF trades on the pink OTC ticker. Historically they were in the wireless phone business. That failed. Then they entered the gold industry, buying an exploratory company in Ghana. That failed. Enter GRN Funds and Justin Costello in summer 2019. He took control of the company by purchasing 139 million shares for $300k.

Since then various non-binding letters of intent have been published on the website. These companies include Pacific Banking Corp, Pacific Merchant Processing, Inc, Microcap Advisors, SMLY, Inc, Soulshine Development Group, Soulshine CBD, One Source CBD, Mystic Ranch Development Co, Magic Beans Hemp, Sunshine Hemp, and Squad Drone. As you can see they are laser-focused on hemp and CBD. And payment processing. And drones. Maybe not so laser-focused.

The company has zero revenue. Their Annual Report Form 10-K filed with the SEC actually says “At this time, we have not identified specific planned revenue streams. During the years ended April 30, 2020, and 2019, we did not recognize any revenue.” The company hasn’t made a dollar in over 2 years. They’ve signed only non-binding letters of intent and have followed through with no transactions. All this “activity” is good for press releases which may drive stock prices up. Once the stock price goes up, mgmt (read Justin Costello) likely sells shares. This is called a pump and dump. Stay away.

The company also has two lawsuits against it. One for $2.8 million with claims of breach of contract, negligence, and fraud. This is one of the weakest companies we’ve ever reviewed. If you really need somewhere to invest, check out our featured companies page for many other winners in the cannabis and hemp industry.

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