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The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) company, based in Hamilton, Ontario, has acquired land in Quebec that will significantly increase their production capability and bring them closer to important markets.

The new property has the potential to add 820,000 sq ft of highly-automated greenhouse facilities, capable of increasing TGOD’s annual production to 116,000 kg.

TGOD, along with its partners Eaton & Ledcor, and Larssen Ltd Greenhouse Engineers, aim to create the most advanced, high quality, and low-cost cannabis production facilities in Canada. On the Quebec property, starting in fall 2017, they will build state of the art facilities capable of producing consistent, quality, organic and pesticide free cannabis.

TGOD’s management reports that the location is key to reducing shipping costs. Quebec and Ontario have a population totaling 22 million people, roughly two-thirds of Canada’s total.

Source: The Green Organic Dutchman press release, 9/7/17