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Governors of Northeast U.S. Agree on Cannabis Legalization Plan

Governors of Northeast U.S. Agree on Cannabis Legalization Plan

Four governors of northeastern states came together and attended a cannabis summit yesterday, October 17th. Governors Andrew Cuomo, of New York, and Ned Lamont, of Connecticut, organized the cannabis summit and were joined by New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf. Representatives for the states of Colorado, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island also were in attendance at the cannabis summit. The cannabis summit was divided into five distinct topics and sessions: A “best practices” panel that was led by representatives from the state of Colorado, market regulation and social justice issues, public health consequences of cannabis, public safety issues, vaping and related issues with vaping.

Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, stated: “This is a very important topic. It is probably one of the most challenging issues that I know I’ve had to address in the state of New York. It is complicated, it is controversial and it is consequential. That is a very difficult and challenging combination. It’s consequential because if you do not do it right, you can do harm, and the whole purpose here is to do good.”

So far, the governors have agreed to a tax on cannabis and a plan for licenses that creates and “ensures a fair and competitive market”. Officials at the summit also agreed that social equity programs will be enacted in order to provide relief to communities that were affected through the prohibition of cannabis. A focus on the prioritization of “small and diverse businesses” is also a part of the relief that will be provided to the affected communities.

Ned Lamont, Governor of Connecticut, stated: “Cooperating as a coalition of states on these issues is the best path forward—as we not only share borders, but we share economic interests, public health priorities, and a joint understanding that the more states that work together on these kinds of issues, the better the policy results will be for our residents.”

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Governors of Northeast U.S. Agree on Cannabis Legalization Plan

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