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Green Rock Hemp Holdings Introduces High-Value C2B

GeneticsCubed Patents Unique CBC Cultivar HURRICANE, UtahJune 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Green Rock Hemp Holdings, a vertically integrated grower, processor and marketer of hemp derivatives, is proud to announce that its genetics company, GeneticsCubed, has received a patent on a unique, high-CBC hemp cultivar, C2B. Cannabichromene (CBC) is a trace, high-value cannabinoid with great therapeutic potential, one of the most prominent in medical research.

“We developed the C2B strain using selective breeding and high throughput screening to create a distinct hemp genotype that consistently produces elevated levels of CBC,” stated GeneticsCubed scientist, Thomas Azwell, PhD. “Medical research has shown CBC’s role in healing different physiological processes, such as an anti-inflammatory agent, treatment for neurological disorders, and even hypothermia.”

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“This is a huge achievement and speaks to the power of our vertical and the value it creates for the hemp consumer,” stated Joseph Cachey, Chief Executive Officer, Green Rock Hemp Holdings. “Each company under the Green Rock umbrella will play an important role in bringing this strain to fruition, beginning with our genetic innovation, continuing with meticulous propagation and cultivation, and concluding with extraction at our state-of-the-art facility and distribution through our quality consumer brands.”

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Following its development at GeneticsCubed, the C2B cultivar was sent to Red Dune Seed for propagation and seed production. The resulting seeds are now growing at Mesa Rising Hemp Farm in Green River, Utah, where flower will be harvested in September. Extraction and refinement will take place at Green Rock’s ISO 9001:2015-certified extraction facility, Red Mesa Science & Refining, before being sold as a raw material and distributed to end consumers by Enhanced Botanicals.

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In collaboration with the University of California-Berkeley, GeneticsCubed has also completed the development of other novel medicinal strains and has additional pending patent applications. “Our family of companies are focused on being good partners dedicated to providing vertical solutions to the industrial hemp community, and these innovations ultimately benefit the end user who needs quality solutions,” concluded Cachey.

For more information, please contact: (435) 673-4125

GeneticsCubed Patents Unique CBC Cultivar

Green Rock Hemp Holdings, LLC (GRHH) is a professional, vertically integrated solutions provider to the industrial hemp community. From seed to CBD, GRHH and its affiliates—GeneticsCubed, LLC; Red Dune Seed, LLC; Mesa Rising Hemp Farms, LLC; Red Mesa Science & Refining, LLC, and Enhanced Botanicals, LLC—provide farmers, consumer goods producers, and end customers with the highest quality products and solutions. From scientific genome development and mindful cultivation, through state-of-the-art processing and extraction, GRHH brings proven business practices to the emerging hemp industry. Led by experienced business executives who have founded and managed companies across the globe, GRHH successfully executes strategic business plans for each of its divisions that are focused on revenue, return, and expansion.

GeneticsCubed, LLC, part of the Green Rock Hemp Holdings family of companies, is a scientific innovator in developing consistent, dependable hemp strains, bringing scientific rigor and forethought to the industry. Through scientific research, cutting-edge genetics, and multifaceted cannabis breeding expertise, our goal is to produce high-performance strains to market and enhance yields and profit margins for commercial farmers and growers.

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SOURCE Green Rock Hemp Holdings, LLC

GeneticsCubed Patents Unique CBC Cultivar

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