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Friday Night Inc. (CSE:TGIF) (OTC: VPGDF), the Vancouver-based cannabis company with operations in Las Vegas, announced that its subsidiary, Infused MFG, will begin selling a line of CBD pet products called Canna Hemp Paws.

The line will offer three products to the growing CBD pet market. These include CBD Tinctures, a concentrate that offers “all the benefits of cannabis phytonutrients for pets that need a higher dose of CBD to assist with their health needs”. The company did not elaborate on those benefits but said that its research indicated there was positive interest in the market.

The line also includes Topical CBD Spray, to “improve your pet’s skin conditions and coat”, and Edible Pet Treats, a pet snack that offers “all the added CBD health benefits”.

Infused MFG has the capacity to make 2,000 CBD Tincture units per day. The Spray will be available for sale in November 2017. The Pet Treats will be available by January 2018.

Friday Night stock traded up 5% on the day’s trading, to $0.20. The stock traded above $0.30 a year ago and has gradually dropped since then.

Source: Friday Night press release