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First Canadian Outdoor Grow License Awarded to Good Buds Company, Inc.

Good Buds Company Inc.First Canadian Outdoor Grow License Awarded to Good Buds Company, Inc. just announced that it has received an outdoor cultivation license by Health Canada for its Salt Spring Island property. The company believes that this is the first outdoor cultivation license by Health Canada.

Good Buds Company Inc. was founded by brothers, Tyler and Alex Rumi. The family-run company’s brand is guided by artisanal quality and craft growing and extraction techniques.


This was a series of firsts with Good Buds receiving one of the fastest licenses in ACMPR history, and the first-ever joint cultivation-oils license. Good Buds move towards outdoor cultivation reflects the recent strategies being used by leading Canadian companies who are actively pursuing outdoor production.


  • Cultivating outdoors can be far less expensive than indoor methods
  • Good Buds believes it has obtained the first federally-authorized outdoor growing operation approved in Canada
  • Good Buds now has more than 750,000 sq ft of licensed cultivation space;
  • The Company uses only living, organic soils rich in bioavailable microorganisms and nutrients for enhanced flavor, sustainability, and quality
  • The Company’s small-batch indoor cultivation operations are already powered by more than 90% renewable energy sources
  • Good Buds extracts cannabis oils using only solvent-free extraction techniques
  • Plants respond well to the bright sunlight, mild ocean breezes and pristine water quality unique to Salt Spring Island which provides an advantage over other locations.

“We’re thrilled to have been awarded an outdoor cultivation license and are grateful to Health Canada for approving our outdoor grow area in only four months,” said Founder and CEO, Tyler Rumi. “Our outdoor license places us in a great position to keep expanding our business organically. We want passionate cannabis enthusiasts to trust us and stand with Good Buds for the long-term, so we’re committed to growing only the most potent and flavourful cannabis.”

What makes this special?

Cultivating cannabis outdoors provides several advantages over its indoor and greenhouse-grown counterparts. Companies have been actively seeking outdoor growing opportunities because these require lower capital and production costs. Growing outdoors also provides a more sustainable way of cultivation and dramatically decreases the carbon footprint caused by traditional synthetic cannabis cultivation.


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First Canadian Outdoor Grow License Awarded to Good Buds Company, Inc.