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Canna Farms released their first cannabis concentrate product named CANNA KIEF on the 18th of April. Canna Farms is a fully licensed Canadian cultivator of cannabis with an Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) license.

The product sold by Canna Farms, Canna Kief, will be of over 40% of active cannabinoids. This is what makes Canna Kief the highest THC volume product legally sold on the recreational cannabis market in Canada.

Canna Farms is targeting a range of adults by making their Canna Kief product available in multiple forms. The company will also release varieties of the product in higher THC or in only CBD form.

The soonest order date for the product is on the same date of the announcement, April 18th, and it is expected that most orders will be shipped and arrive on or before April 20th.