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Featured Cannabis Stock Pick for 2020, MariMed Inc., Launches Tropizen Pique™ Hot Sauce in Massachusetts

MariMed Cannabis and Hemp Penny StockOur analysts have recommended MariMed Inc. after an in-depth review of the company’s fundamentals and have included this in our featured cannabis stock picks for 2020.

The cannabis stock market is a wide world of different individual cannabis securities to invest in and it can be quite challenging to determine exactly which cannabis stock represents the best investment. Our in-house analysts here at Cannin do the work to determine what cannabis stocks are the best investments with a thorough review of financials and market coverage. Cannabis investors should take notice of what cannabis companies that are recommended by our analysts and take advantage of the best cannabis stock investments for 2020. MariMed, unlike popular cannabis companies like Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC) and Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB), is a smaller cannabis company that still represents a great opportunity for investors to see a sizeable return on investment.

There are dozens of cannabis companies that represent great cannabis investing opportunities, however, out of all the possible choices, our analysts have determined that MariMed Inc., is one of the best cannabis stocks to watch in 2020.

Featured Cannabis Stock Pick for 2020: MariMed

MariMed is considered to be one of the best cannabis stock investment opportunities for 2020 by our analysts. We recommended MariMed earlier based on the company’s discount supply agreements, leaps in generated revenues, first cannabis harvest, and now the company has announced the launch of a hot sauce in Massachusetts. But what does the new hot sauce has to do with the stock being a cannabis stock pick for 2020?

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The company has a strong grasp on market expansions and it is now going to capture a new portion of the market in Massachusetts with its Tropizen Pique™ hot sauce. MariMed is able to focus on new parts of the market and successfully perform through a specifically targeted approach. As mentioned earlier, the company has already proved to dramatically increase its revenue with lease agreements, successfully position itself with a discounted supply of cannabis through agreements with several vendors, and the first cannabis harvest at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Now, the company will be gain another revenue stream with its hot sauce in Massachusetts.

Tropizen Pique™ is a cannabis-infused hot sauce that contains 100mg of THC in 2oz bottles. Each bottle comes with a .5 tsp spoon for consumers to accurately microdose 5mg of THC per serving with the included spoon. The hot sauce was designed by professional chefs and culinary experts with a variety of locally grown peppers and a special mix of spices and herbs. Tropizen Pique™ is infused with full-spectrum cannabis onsite and Is already found in over 85% of the dispensaries in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Jokubas Ziburkus PhD, Chief Innovation Officer of MariMed Inc., stated: “The chemicals in peppers can contribute to an enhanced entourage effect when combined with specific concentrations of the terpenes in full-spectrum cannabis. Additionally, some peppers may contain capsaicin, which not only gives peppers their spicy taste but can also provide analgesic properties. Tropizen Pique™ Hot Sauce represents the frontier of product development currently happening in lockstep with the scientific study of the cannabis plant and its beneficial synergies and healthcare applications.”

Both medical cannabis dispensaries and adult-use recreational dispensaries will carry Tropizen Pique™ throughout the state of Massachusetts. The hot sauce by MariMed will also be available at ARL’s Panacea Wellness Dispensary in Middleborough.

Ryan Crandall, Chief Product Officer and SVP of Sales at MariMed, stated: “As part of our product expansion strategy, MariMed is committed to producing unique, delicious and safe products for consumers. Tropizen Pique™ hot sauce is truly unique in the rapidly evolving cannabis edibles product category. We expect it will appeal to both new and experienced users looking for delicious products that are created with a culinary focus in mind. And, by using a delivery method designed for measured dosing, users can manage their consumption closely to control the desired effect.”

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Featured Cannabis Stock Pick for 2020, MariMed Inc., Launches Tropizen Pique™ Hot Sauce in Massachusetts

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