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Featured Cannabis Stock Pick for 2020: Alcanna, Inc.

Our analysts strongly recommend considering adding alcohol and cannabis company, Alcanna, Inc., to your marijuana portfolio.

The cannabis market is at or near its all-time low as the concerns around the coronavirus continue to plague the public stock markets worldwide. Investments made at this time could be a great opportunity for an investor to seize a discounted entry into the cannabis market while the prices per share are low. Retail investors should highly consider an investment in the cannabis market while the opportunity is present.

Right now, there are many great choices in the cannabis stock market sector and our analysts believe that this is a great time to invest in publicly-traded cannabis companies. Out of all of the potential cannabis investing opportunities, our analysts recommend Alcanna Inc. (OTC: LQSIF) as a strong cannabis stock investment. But, why have we listed Alcanna, Inc. as a featured Cannabis Stock Pick for 2020?

Alcanna Inc Cannabis StockAlcanna Inc. (OTC: LQSIF) sells alcohol and cannabis. The firm operates within two reportable business segments: Liquor Operations and Cannabis Operations. Each segment is a distinct unit that offers different products and services, has separate management structures, and their own marketing strategies and brands. Segmentation is based on differences in the regulatory environments of Liquor and Cannabis and reflects the basis on which management measures performance and makes decisions regarding the allocation of resources. The company was founded by Henry Andrew Bereznicki and Irving Kipnes in 1993 and is headquartered in Edmonton, Canada. is a cannabis company that isn’t like many others with its presence in the alcohol industry as well. This company provides investors with the ability to cover the alcohol industry as well as the cannabis sector with its chain of retail cannabis dispensaries. Alcanna aims to expand its “Nova Cannabis” brand of cannabis dispensaries in the coming months across North America.

But is this one of the best cannabis stock picks for 2020?

Alcanna is the largest private retailer in North America with 258 liquor stores. As the company continues to expand its Nova Cannabis brand, it will continue to grow into the cannabis sector. It is the ability to penetrate into markets as it has successfully done before with its chains of liquor stores.

Why do we like Alcanna as a top cannabis pick for 2020?

  1. Strong Branding: Alcanna has a prominent position as a liquor store leader in the alcohol industry. The company’s “Liquor Depot” provides customers with an easy time shopping at its locations that are marketed as a convenience brand. Alcanna even has a bigger brand of liquor stores, “Wine and Beyond”, that holds a consistent larger footprint than Liquor Depot and has the “Brown Jug” chain of liquor convenience stores in Alaska. Alberta, Canada is home to the last of Alcanna’s liquor store brands with its chain of “Ace Liquor” locations. “Nova Cannabis” is the company’s brand of retail cannabis dispensaries.
  2. Strong Market Coverage: The company has a large footprint when it comes to market coverage across the globe. Its primary operations take place in Canada and its secondary markets are in the U.S. and Europe.
  3. Strong Financials: The debt that the company has recently taken on will allow them to rapidly expand into the cannabis market with enough cash to invest in the company. Alcanna currently has CA $121.2 million on hand for cash and debt balance of CA $387.7 million. The company’s current assets can do more than enough meet the liabilities that the company has to adhere to when it comes to debt and its long term commitments. On top of the financials, Aurora Cannabis made a purchase of 25% of Alcanna’s shares and extended the use of its brands in Nova Cannabis locations. Aurora can increase the number of shares it purchased to 40% if the company chooses to do so.

For these reasons, we believe that an investment into Alcanna at or near its current price of $2.30 per share is a good cannabis stock investment opportunity for 2020. The company is on a road to expansion into the cannabis sector with its Nova Cannabis locations that can’t be stopped. Investors can rest assured that their experience with opening retail locations will provide a great leg-up in the expansions to come and that the company’s strong foothold in the liquor industry will tide them over as the cannabis market continues to grow.

Featured Cannabis Stock Pick for 2020: Alcanna, Inc.

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