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Featured Cannabis Penny Pot Stock Pick for 2020: MPX Bioceutical (MPXOF:OTC)

MPX Penny Pot Stock

Navigating the cannabis market in this current climate is as tricky as ever. In the past few weeks, the entire cannabis sector has been impacted by the pressure from coronavirus sell-offs and the fear associated with the virus. Investors should absolutely take advantage of this time in the cannabis stock market and place a low-risk investment that will have great potential.

The nature of cannabis stock investments doesn’t come easy to some and the decision-making process on which cannabis company to invest in can be extremely difficult. Thanks to the hard work done by our analysts, the analysis has been done already and the best choices have been laid out. One of the cannabis stock choices that our analysts have reviewed and consider to be one of the best cannabis investing opportunities for 2020 is MPX Bioceutical (OTC: MPXOF).

MPX Bioceutical is a cannabis company that has diversified operations and sustainable growth through those operations. The company’s primary focus is not to be the biggest cannabis cultivator on the block, but to be a cannabis dispensary operator. MPX is now buying up facilities, as well as dispensaries, in order to build a multinational diversified cultivation and retail dispensary network. But why is it one of our Featured Cannabis Penny Pot Stock Pick for 2020?

As the company expands its network to cover more of the United States, it will capture a larger percentage of the cannabis market. MPX has plans for four production facilities in the U.S. and has a 72,000 sq. ft. facility in Canada.

Featured Cannabis Penny Pot Stock Pick for 2020: MPX Bioceutical

Why do we like MPX as a top cannabis pick for 2020?

  1. Strong Focus: The company is well aware of what it needs to do in order to grow into the cannabis market. As the company expands into the market, is buying more and more dispensaries and cultivation facilities to produce high-quality dried cannabis flower and additional cannabis products.
  2. Strong Subsidiary Ownership: MPX has the ownership of multiple subsidiaries locked in and will continue to grow its list of subsidiaries as it expands. The company has 99% ownership of a cultivator and wholesaler in Nevada, named GreenMart NV. It also has a 51% ownership stake in IMT, LLC and Fall River Developments, LLC. Both companies are registered in Massachusetts and are active within the cannabis sector.
  3. Strong Cultivation Outlook: MPX has a strong outlook when it comes to its cultivation operations as well as its distribution operation. The company has four cannabis production facilities planned for the U.S. and has a 72,000 sq. ft. facility in Own Sound, Ontario. This facility in Owen Sound produces 8,000kg per year and began full cultivation capacity in Q3 of 2018. The company can expand the facility to 475,000 sq. ft. in order to produce an approximate 50,000kg per year.

For these reasons, it is highly recommended by our analysts that investment into MPX Bioceuticals at or around its current per-share price of $0.14 is a good potential cannabis stock investment opportunity for 2020. MPX has a strong branding practice, a large cultivation facility, and an ever-growing retail distribution and cultivation network.

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