Frequently Asked Questions

How does the $99 automated trading subscription work?

Simply sign up and start receiving signals of profitable trades before they happen. Our clients receive an email with specific trade instructions approximately 10-12 hours prior to the trade. You’ll receive anywhere from 1-3 signals per month. Remember – it’s quality over quantity. GET YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW

I don't have much money to invest. Can I still use this?

Certainly. If you had invested $1000 during Amazon’s IPO in 1997, your investment would be worth approximately $1.3MM today. WIth cannabis and hemp stocks, there will be few winners and several losers. The trick is to invest wisely. Stock market investing has inherent risks so we recommend investing within your limits.

Who are the experts behind this model?

Our global team of investment advisors, financial analysts and industry experts have years of experience with both the markets and the cannabis industry. We aggregate hundreds of hours of market research to make the best recommendations about where to invest.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

Yes, absolutely. You can cancel your subscription anytime, for any reason.  We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.