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Does Weed Expire? 

If you are here to read about weed expiring, chances are you already have it in your kitty. There are times when we purchase weed, keep it in our store, and forget it until we need it. When opening a weed jar or packet after months or years, we all live with a doubt that ‘is it good enough to consume now?’ 

This raises another question, ‘is stale weed a thing to consider?’ Let’s figure out more about it. 

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Fortunately, weed does not go that bad. You can consume it even if you open the pack after ages. However, the quality and texture may fade away with time. Also, it may not be as strong as when you purchased it. This happens due to the overtime changes developed in the chemical makeup. 

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Here, it may interest you to know that marijuana is a plant just like any other veggie or herb growing in your kitchen garden. Thus, it’s common to lose its essence with time as its cells break down and the molecules oxidize. One of the most prominent examples is oregano. This herb dries out with time and loses its original essence. So, all in all, an old weed may not kill you, but at the same time, it won’t be effective enough to make you feel ‘high.’ 

How does weed look with time?

Weed does change its appearance with time. It may look like dried-out powdery leaves which fail to give you the experience you desire. In case you witness a fuzzy white powder on the top, chances are your weed is moldy; thus, you should avoid smoking it.

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This may lead to heart attack or severe lung issues. Excessive mold on the top results in moisture without leaving any chances for airflow. This happens when you store weed in moist air. 

Does old weed smell bad?

If the weed is smelling like urine, musty, or a locked room, consider mold as the culprit. The plastic scents and chemicals can result in this awful smell. Moreover, old weed does not smell as strong as fresh ones. So, this can be considered as a sign to judge if it’s old enough to throw away.

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What is the prominent solution to these problems?

The only solution is to store the weed properly in air-tight jars. Make efforts to know how to keep your weed fresh using easy hacks. Here are some easy ways to sail you through this trouble forever. 

  1. Prefer glass jars to store even the smallest chunk of weed. 
  2. If you don’t have a specific weed jar, prefer settling for a medicine bottle. 
  3. Freezing can be an option to lock its essence. 
  4. Avoid heat exposure which may take a toll on the weed’s quality.

So – Does Weed Expire?

When it comes to enjoying your favorite weed strain for long, you should have a good grip on the weed storage tactics. Know the secrets to it, and you can keep weed fresh for years to come. However, it’s wise to consume it within the mentioned period on the label. 

Does Weed Expire? 

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