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Structures & Equipment

Modular panels for building, and a rollout plastic flooring.

The 710 Hydro Easy Grow System is the Easiest and Most Cost Effective Hydroponic Growing System on the Market. The system can hold up to six plants, measures 5 feet long (excluding reservoir).

We stock high pressure, low temperature, valves, fittings, tubing, gauges, etc., for your extraction equipment needs. Great service, fast delivery, at competitive prices. Serving all 50 states.

Manufacturer of Solexx Greenhouse Covering. Solexx provides optimal plant growth, energy savings, security and protection from weather extremes.

We offer a point-of-use Plasma Water Treatment Device that can provide antimicrobial effects, insect repellent, reduced water usage and increased crop yield.

We specialize in roll-up lock-down natural ventilation curtains for greenhouses. We also carry products for ease of operation, automation, and greenhouse accessories.

For commercial and boutique growers who want to scalability, traceability: AEtrium platform delivers an aeroponic, automated grow system– thru an app. Boost yield, consistency, controlled quality.

Offers grow cases and related equipment.

Provides cultivation supplies and equipment to medical marijuana growers.

HortiWool is agricultural grade Rockwool for use in hydroponic and horticultural cultivation. Simply the highest quality available, much more versatile and significantly less costly than cubes.

We engineer/design, machine and provide fabrication services/products/parts for Extractor systems, Trimming machines, Water filtration systems. We also manufacture customized accessories.

Veteran owned manufacturer of fully automated, UL listed CO2 extraction equipment. With 400+ systems installed in 20+ states, we can provide demos and service from our Ohio and Colorado locations.

We design “Solar/Wind/Rainwater/Bottling/Agro Green House” type systems where each component works to help the other in a high-efficiency way producing more green energy for efficient plant uptake.

A consultancy dedicated to providing support and advice to companies utilizing AutoPot Watering Systems to cultivate indoors or outdoors.

Engineered Controls for the collection of airborne contaminants including Dust / Particulate, Chemical Vapors, Oil Mists. Industrial Ventilation System; Design, Operator Training, & Optimization.

We provide the most economical and effective chamber on the market. Although it is essential to keep costs low, we believe it is most important to make this chamber superior to the competition.

We are U.S. based manufacturer with 20 years experience in small-scale confectionery and beverage equipment. Our depositors provide the accuracy and repeatability required for edibles production.

Provides a variety of services for MMJ dispensaries and related businesses, from consulting and construction of commercial grows to wholesale specialty extractions and marijuana-infused products.

Full-service architectural engineering firm for cannabis growers, processors, and retailers. A full portfolio of projects and happy clients in WA state and CA.

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