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We carry herbal vaporizer from Storz & bickel, Pax, Vapium, Da Vinci and more.


Sells high-end cannabis accessories.

We are the marijuana industry’s personal supplier for your everyday business necessities.

We supply and service c-stores, grocery stores, discount stores, recreational dispensaries, and specialty stores, with hemp-healthy/cannabis products, including-infused more products made from hemp.

Medical marijuana dispensary packaging and supplies.

We stock high pressure, low temperature, valves, fittings, tubing, gauges, etc., for your extraction equipment needs. Great service, fast delivery, at competitive prices. Serving all 50 states.

We are a hardware manufacturer for the MMJ concentrates market. Our patent-pending technology is a true industry changer.

We supply private label and branded paraphernalia and accessories to over 100+ cannabis brands and retailers today. From custom herb grinders, vape pens and glass pipes, we’re experts in paraphernalia.

Wholesale pricing – Factory direct from China & USA stock. Batteries, Cartridges and Filling machines.


Wholesaler of glass pipes, bongs, oil rigs, bubblers, dab rigs, grinders, concentrate pipes, and smoking accessories. Based out of Denver Colorado.

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