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We are the marijuana industry’s personal supplier for your everyday business necessities.

We offer custom retail packaging, including retail boxes, displays, bags, bottles, and more. We also supply shipping and warehouse supplies. Our pricing is very competitive!

Medical marijuana dispensary packaging and supplies.

We stock high pressure, low temperature, valves, fittings, tubing, gauges, etc., for your extraction equipment needs. Great service, fast delivery, at competitive prices. Serving all 50 states.

Accelerated Growth Solutions (AGS) provides custom HVAC equipment designed for optimum controlled cannabis specific environment indoor agriculture, utilizing advanced dehumidification technologies.

ACW Supply is a 123-year-old company focusing on Wholesale bulk pricing in the Agricultural and Packaging Industries.

Providing custom branded products to help promote business through the use of customized packaging, merchandise, apparel, and accessories.

Afinia Label’s digital label printers, presses, finishers, and applicators are sold worldwide. In-house labeling gives MJ companies flexibility while simplifying legal compliance, from seed to sale.

Leader in cannabis packaging. Custom-developed innovative folding carton structures, with high-quality print, coating, and effects to help turn shoppers into buyers.

Black nitrile powder-free gloves (latex powder-free, etc.) sleeve protectors, respiratory mask.

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