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Provides doctor evaluations and renewals for medical marijuana patients.

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Medical marijuana certifications, renewals, and education.

Affiliated with:

  • Green Cross Clinics

Medically focused non-profit association. We believe that every person has the right to consume a plant in his or her own body and cannabis is a medically amazing plant. It provides a safe pharmaceutical alternative for pain relief, anti-nausea, appetite-stimulation, and anti-inflammation.

Helping patients access, afford and medicate with medical marijuana in a safe and educated manner.

This collective makes Hot Flash Remedy & Pain Relief Solution. A topical, CBD rich hot flash relief system, that works on body pain too.

7272 E. Indian School Rd. Suite 540 Scottsdale, Az, 85251
DrBurns’ ReLeaf™, a physician-formulated line of cannabis and other botanical-infused products. We provide CBD Products rooted in science.

MMJ Medicinal Hard Candies, Suckers, Lip Balm, Topical Salves, CBD, and capsules. Presently California only.

Exclusive Medical Cannabis Certification Program (MC 9009:2013) Brings Quality Assurance To the Medical Marijuana Industry

Provides doctor evaluations for medical marijuana cards.

High-quality medical marijuana at an affordable price located in La Pine, Oregon. Featuring some of the most popular strains of the last 5 years. Grown with honesty, integrity and lots of love!

Handal Plastic Surgery at the Sanctuary Surgery Center is the leading cosmetic surgery center in the Southeast Florida region, providing excellent consultation, surgery, and post-operative services.

High Sobriety offers cannabis inclusive treatment for substance abuse, addiction recovery.

Massachusetts now allows Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) for the treatment of severe, debilitating illness. Our caring physician will work with you and your doctors to see if Medical Cannabis is for you.

I am a licensed/certified physician in Florida. Interested in opening / joint venture in a dispensary in Palm Beach County.

Florida Medical Director-Future Dispensary Owner Vertical Integration Specialist.

Affiliated with:

  • CBD of Boca

Whole plant infused capsules, oils, and salves. Safe from all chemical solvents, extracts or refining. We believe it is important to create medicine safe for all patients.

We produce beautiful and delicious infused pastries for the medical and adult use markets in Colorado. Our products are infused with the purest all natural heat activated cannabutter.

(720) 519-1236(720) 519-1236
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Provides medical marijuana evaluations for new patients and renewals in addition to pain care management services.

NutraHemp Corp Inc offers a premier grade, purest medicinally useful grade CBD Hemp Oil in varied formulations for patients and consumers of healthful supplements.

Medical Marijuana recommendation and evaluation for Cannabis establishment owners, workers, family members in Nevada and California.

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