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Offering excellent quality grow light products for any indoor garden application and provide exceptional everyday customer service. There are different variations of equipment for your hydroponic systems ranging from grow tents, HID lights to complete lighting packages.

We are a manufacturer who provides individual customized LED grow lighting solutions. 10 years experience work with greenhouse/ vertical farming/ Cannabis growing. ETL, UL listed, 5 years warranty.

Advanced LED is one of the leaders in the LED grow light industry offering some of the best products used by many for their indoor gardens.

We are a horticultural lighting firm specializing in LED Grow Lights specifically engineered for the cannabis industry. From 1 plant to 10,000, we can outfit *any* grow operation.

Offers hydroponic supplies and products including high-intensity lights, organic nutrients, informational materials and water filtration systems.

Best cannabis grow lights using plasma HPS better for the marijuana grow lighting systems, including metal halide, LED and UV grow lights.

Affiliated with:

  • Chameleon Plasma Grow Lighting

We provide induction grow lights and LED grow lights. Both provide a long-term solution and save you on electricity compared to HPS or Metal Halide while improving your cannabis growth.

Fluence Bioengineering is a LED grow light manufacturer focused on exploring physiological plant development. We provide horticulture lighting solutions for both science and commercial applications.

FGI provides energy efficient lighting products for the indoor grow industry. We will find and recommend the best products for plant growth potential as well as energy savings.

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