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Americover is your source for BOLD light deprivation covers, greenhouse covers, ground cover, shade cloth and aquaponic/water retention liners.

We provide the ideal plant growing environment control CO2, temperature and humidity while also furnishing free water for irrigation at the lowest cost available.

Offers hydroponic supplies and products including high-intensity lights, organic nutrients, informational materials and water filtration systems.

Water Rights, Water Supply, and Environmental Due Diligence.

Hydro Innovations offers chilled-water climate control & CO2 Generators with clients worldwide. We are the only climate control company that is focused on the unique needs of the commercial gardener.

Just4Smokers offers high-quality low price water and glass pipes from some of the top brands. Choose from our selection of pipes that come at discounted prices.

Water Ionizers, to eliminate and control mites, insects, molds, fungus. Provide ph balanced organic ionized water.

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