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Industry & Non-Profit Organizations

With over 40 years combined in brand development, MMJ education, health, and wellness you won’t find a more experienced team. We handle branding, design, programing, educational events, and edibles.

ACI’s mission is to offer high-quality cannabis education to the citizens of Alaska.  ACI is committed to advancing cannabis business knowledge and cultivating relationships within the community.

A2LA provides confidence in the competence of cannabis and medical marijuana testing and inspection organizations through the implementation of accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020.

Supports growers, suppliers, distributors, and patients to work within the political system to get marijuana legalized nationwide.

Advocacy group for the reformation of America’s asset forfeiture laws. Provides aid to companies and individuals looking for qualified legal representation in asset forfeiture proceedings.

ASA’s mission is to ensure safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research. ASA has moved public policy forward by incorporating strategies across many disciplines.

Affiliated with:

  • American for Safe Access – Illinois
+1 480-994-0420+1 480-994-0420
+1 855-305-4152

Medical marijuana certifications, renewals, and education.

Affiliated with:

  • Green Cross Clinics

Medically focused non-profit association. We believe that every person has the right to consume a plant in his or her own body and cannabis is a medically amazing plant. It provides a safe pharmaceutical alternative for pain relief, anti-nausea, appetite-stimulation, and anti-inflammation.

A member-driven organization of independent state-licensed cannabis professionals dedicated to ensuring patient access to quality medicine from diverse local sources through advocacy and education.

Biedler’s Belts offers complete electric motor repair service at exceptional prices. The products include v-belts, timing belts, pulleys, sheaves, sprockets, and bushings.

Your Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary directory. Find Medical Marijuana dispensary, doctor, lawyer, non-profit listings in Florida. submit your listing basic listing FREE!

CCIA is a membership-based trade association representing the cannabis industry in California.

The Cannabis and Hemp Trade Association is a true grassroots organization that is strong due to our diverse range of membership. Together we stand to advocate for cannabis and our futuristic vision.

The CBC was created to allow cannabis professionals get connected, receive educational content and to network with each other.

Connects patients and provides education, research, and more.

CTI is the leading provider of education on cannabis & cannabusiness related topics. Offering the only nationally recognized certification program co-produced by Americans for Safe Access.

Helping Oregon Cannabis Entrepreneurs navigate the licensing jungle. We take the worry out of getting licensed in Oregon.

Certified Kind offers certification for cannabis growers and edibles processors that are committed to earth-friendly practices.

Non-profit trade organization dedicated to the development and enforcement of industry standards and ethics for cannabis businesses. Committed to education and political progression of medical marijuana.

We are Corporate Background experts. It is our goal to protect you from the dangers of hiring unsuitable applicants, to simplify the compliance process and to protect your company, not the employee.

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