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Heating & Cooling Equipment

Manufacturer of Solexx Greenhouse Covering. Solexx provides optimal plant growth, energy savings, security and protection from weather extremes.

We specialize in roll-up lock-down natural ventilation curtains for greenhouses. We also carry products for ease of operation, automation, and greenhouse accessories.

Air Purifiers with advanced PCO technology effectively control mold, mildew, bio-contaminants, and odors in your grow and processing operations. Chemical free air and surface sanitation.

Provides controllers and other products for greenhouses and indoor growing.

Extraction Chillers from BV Thermal Systems have a standard temperature range of -40° to 27°C, are user & environmentally friendly, economical, highly efficient & customizable to your specifications.

DRYCO is a provider of temporary climate control equipment, specializing in commercial/industrial dehumidifiers to help control moisture and humidity, as well as temperature issues.

High-Efficiency Air Filtration and Odor Mitigation systems with low static pressure to save energy.

Green Diamond Stonewool offers a variety of block sizes, slabs, and loose stonewool. Stonewool is a preferred medium for its characteristics of water retention, aeration properties (for healthy roots).

Hydro Innovations offers chilled-water climate control & CO2 Generators with clients worldwide. We are the only climate control company that is focused on the unique needs of the commercial gardener.

Just4Smokers offers high-quality low price water and glass pipes from some of the top brands. Choose from our selection of pipes that come at discounted prices.

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