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Grower of Medical Cannabis and wholesale distributor of powdered THC and Powdered CBD.

Medical cannabis / marijuana clones in Maine.

Our Master Grower is a second generation grower with exceptional skills. We are a craft wholesale Rec cultivator that creates the Fleuraison Fatte’, and superior product.

We are a group of cannabis consultants, contractors, and master growers combining our talents to assist our clients in all aspects of the cannabis business.

We grow high quality, indoor cannabis using innovative hydroponic systems for year-round enjoyment.

We specialize in bringing rare cannabinoids to market in commercial wholesale quantities, at competitive prices, and in pure isolate form. Our first product is CBG.

Rainier Acres is a Producer and Processor of consistent, top-quality flower. Our plants are Hand watered and Hand trimmed in Washington State. We offer a nice variety of strains. Let’s work together!

Wholesale Recreational Cannabis

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