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Edibles / Infusions

We supply and service c-stores, grocery stores, discount stores, recreational dispensaries, and specialty stores, with hemp-healthy/cannabis products, including-infused more products made from hemp.

Accannadations Marijuana Brand Ambassador is a cannabis branding service that helps cannabis companies in developing, distributing & marketing marijuana products to licensed vendors and shop owners.

With over 40 years combined in brand development, MMJ education, health, and wellness you won’t find a more experienced team. We handle branding, design, programing, educational events, and edibles.

AGRiMED Industries is an innovative research and development firm focused on advancing health for people who can benefit from medicines derived from cannabinoid compounds.

We provide exquisite organic gluten-free edibles and organic vegan edibles.

Using our proprietary Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Awesome CBD has the highest quality of CBD infused edibles and Gel Capsules on the market.

We offer private in-home and party hall cooking classes that show you how to cook with cannabis. We will show you the process of how you can make your own cannabis-infused products at home.

Affiliated with:

  • MarijMedia
  • Marijuana Prime

Provides edibles using CO2 oil to infuse products and potent concentrates.

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