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Edibles / Infusions

Contract growing of Industrial Hemp flowers & Seed, C02 Extraction for Hemp Flower Oil, Supplier of Industrial Hemp Seed.

High Purity Extractions specializes in Extraction, Post-Process, Filling & Packaging for dispensaries, caregivers & growers in the Northeast U.S.

Ibudtender is a comprehensive e-cannabis resource. Find strain, concentrate, accessory and infused product reviews and find them locally. Our goal is to bring the patients transparency and trust.

Our website facilitates compassionate caregivers and patients with a protected environment and provides easy and free access to medical marijuana patients, caregivers, growers, and doctors.

We supply and service c-stores, grocery stores, discount stores, recreational dispensaries, and specialty stores, with hemp-healthy/cannabis products, including-infused more products made from hemp.

We offer a day-long traveling conference series educating about entry-level topics on getting involved in the industry. We have an online dispensary w/high CBD hemp-based products.

Affiliated with:

  • Cannalytics Consulting

Juju Joints sells ready to fill disposable vaporizers to existing CO2 oil producers. Juju Joints also provides automated filling machines for customers included in the price of the devices.

Le Herbe is a Seattle based cannabis company that produces organic cannabis products for medical and recreational use.

Easy Butter Maker will make infuse cannabis butter or oil in less than ten minutes! Your key to the fastest way to infuse herbal butter and oil with “No Straining!”

Provides a holistic approach to treating the mind and body for a wide variety of ailments, emphasizing alternative modalities such as chiropractic, physical, occupational, meditative and social therapies.

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