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Twenty years ago, the average cannabis user’s smoking implements collection consisted of 2 simple tools: rolling papers and a glass pipe. The more serious connoisseurs may have had some type of water pipe, such as a bong or bubbler. Fast forward to 2018, and the same average user might have any of dozens of types of smoking tools and devices. With the explosion in popularity of cannabis concentrates, and the parallel explosion in popularity of e-cigs and vaping, the options for smoking and vaporization tools seem nearly limitless. This proliferation of products can make it difficult to identify which products are truly groundbreaking and innovative, but sometimes a product comes along that immediately stands out in a crowded field. One such device is the Dipper, made by Dipstick Vapes.


Traditional dab rigs can be gorgeous pieces of glassware, but they are rarely portable or convenient. Nectar Collectors and similar devices improve on the portability and convenience factors, but are still generally meant for at-home use. Vape pens have revolutionized on-the-go use, allowing cannabis concentrates or flower to be consumed with portable, self-contained, inconspicuous devices. However, many users find the experience of vaping concentrates in typical vape pens falls short when compared to the experience of using a dab rig or Nectar Collector. The Dipper bridges this gap, offering the convenience of a vape pen with a vaporizing experience similar to that of a real rig.


The Dipper is a battery powered vaporizer that has 2 different modes of temperature-controlled operation. One mode is similar to that of more traditional concentrate vape pens, using the Quartz Crystal Atomizer attachment. Concentrate is loaded into the atomizer chamber, and the mouthpiece is placed over the atomizer. When you press the fire button, the atomizer heats up, vaporizing the concentrate which is inhaled through the mouthpiece. The other mode, using the Vapor Tip Atomizer, is what makes the Dipper revolutionary.


The Vapor Tip Atomizer is connected instead of the Quartz Crystal Atomizer, and the mouthpiece is mounted to the opposite end of the body. When the fire button is pressed, the vapor tip heats up and you place the tip into your concentrate, inhaling through the mouthpiece. This provides an experience similar to using a Nectar Collector, but without the need of a torch or any additional tools. Dabbing this way allows you to use concentrate directly from the container without needing to load the concentrate into a device, and gives you the flexibility to make each dab as big or small as you like.


The Dipper features 3 temperature settings, and has a built-in rechargeable battery. Both the Quartz Crystal and Vapor Tip atomizers use instant-heat coils, providing quick and powerful performance in either mode. Dipstick Vapes sells affordable replacements for both types atomizers, ensuring the device will last.


The Dipper has received rave reviews from a number of cannabis publications, and the comment sections of YouTube videos about it are full of happy customers. If you are looking for an innovative product for vaporizing cannabis concentrates, the Dipper should be at the top of your list.