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Should you buy this cannabis biotech stock CURE Pharmaceutical? CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp. (OTC: CURR) focuses on the development and manufacturing of drug formulation and drug delivery technologies in novel dosage forms (thin wafers and thin films). Notably, their Oct 2020 acquisition of Sera Labs has gotten them much closer to sustainable revenues. The company’s 2020 acquisition has them set up for a huge 2022. But should you buy this cannabis biotech stock?

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CURE Pharmaceutical is a fully integrated pre-clinical stage drug delivery company. The company is a developer and manufacturer of oral thin films (CureFilm). In fact, these films are on the market today with an array of different active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) made in a cGMP manufacturing facility. CURE offers advanced development and manufacturing of CureFilm pharmaceutical and veterinarian products that are all IP protected. The acquisition of Sera Labs brings with it a line of beauty and skin care products along with brand marketing and distribution platforms.

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Cure Pharma is in the business of developing drug candidates using their own delivery system of thin films and wafers. They currently have products in various stages of drug delivery (both cannabinoid based and non-cannabinoid based products). These products include Nutristrips (focus, heartlife, brainlife, and immun4life) and CUREfilms (anti-viral, anti-seizure, entheogen, canna and blue for erectile disfunction). As a result, CURE Pharmaceutical has been quite busy. But is this cannabis stock a buy?

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CURE Pharmaceutical: Should You Buy this Cannabis Biotech Stock?

The Cure management team is strong, which is a good sign since they have such a long pathway for revenue. Moreover, the inclusion of Sera Labs CEO Nancy Duitch will only increase their effectiveness.

The $20 million acquisition of Sera Labs was huge for them as it gives them access to the pet and wellness markets, gives them immediate revenue, and strong branding with spokeswoman Nicole Kidman. The Seratopical Revolution skincare line from Sera Labs will be in CVS stores during Q4 2021.

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Back in 2019, the last fundamental we did on Cure, Cure’s price to sales (P/S) was 64.2. Now Cure’s price to sales ratio is clocking in at 5.45. What an improvement! The price to book is also at 1.58 so the financial health markers for CURE have drastically improved.

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Cure’s Q2 2021 earnings report reflected revenue of $2.1 million (YoY increases of 700%). The net losses were at $3.3 million (down from $13.5 million YoY! As you can see, these are great trends. Being a pharmaceutical company is expensive to get drugs through clinical trials and approved. Given that all but one of their drug products are still in formulation development (CUREfilm Blue has entered clinical development) they will need a lot of cash to continue operations. The Sera Labs deal has given them just that. Enough business to expand horizontal integration, increase revenues, and continue drug development. The deal alone has taken them from a large risk to a nice long term play.

For all these reasons we rate CURE Pharmaceuticals stock (CURR) as Strong.

CURE Pharmaceutical: Should You Buy this Cannabis Biotech Stock?

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